Duality Banner (33”x55”)
Duality Banner (33”x55”)

Duality Banner (33”x55”)

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Do No Harm, Do Know Harm.
It’s really just two sides of the same coin. If it bleeds you can kill it... Or, save it. As a combat medic/corpsman/tactical medic you are expected to do both. You are an angel and a demon. You are the living incarnation of the dual nature of man, and your ability to do both professionally is what sets you apart from the pack. Our “Duality” iconography was designed with the dual nature of the tactical/combat medical providers in mind. 

Our Duality banner is digitally printed onto a polyester fabric, each side is is sewn with a binder to prevent fraying, with grommets in each corner to allow you to display the banner how ever the mood may strike you. .. Are you in a saving or killing mood, let’em know!

-Digitally Printed 33”x55” 100D Polyester Banner. 

-Brass 1/2” Grommets on all 4 corners

-Single Sided 

-Meant for Indoor Display