P2 Marker (Patient by Precedence)

P2 Marker (Patient by Precedence)

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The P2 (Patient By Precedence marker) is a casualty assessment tool with a run time of 160 hours. The light is capable of four different color modes that are cycled through with a simple press of the on/cycle/off button.

Operating Instructions of the P2 Patient by Precedence Light R/G/Y/B:

  • Press the button once for red.
  • Twice for green.
  • Three times for yellow
  • Four times for blue.

The colors cycle that order, so if you go too far, continue to press the button to cycle back to the color intended. To turn the light off, simply press and hold the button for 1 second. All times will reset when the light is reactivated.

The Triage Triangle assigns colors to patient status which correspond with the colors of the light.

  • RED is for a limb or life threatening injury that requires immediate treatment.
  • YELLOW is defined as an illness or injury that should begin treatment within 30 minutes.
  • GREEN is for injuries or illnesses where a delay of longer than 30 minutes will not change the outcome for the patient.
  • BLUE is used for injuries or illnesses that can be treated quickly or are not life threatening and can wait longer than 30 minutes.
Of course, these colors can be reassigned depending on established SOP's; reassigning the blue light to what black denotes in SOP's for instance.

When initiated, the LED will remain in a Constant On state for 5 minutes, then will flash every second for 55 minutes, indicating that the patient may need reassessment. After the one hour cycle, the marker will turn itself off.

Features of the P2 Patient by Precedence Light R/G/Y/B:

  • The markers measure 3 5/8 inches wide by 2 inches tall and are 1/4 inch thick including the Velcro Backing.
  • There is a male ("hard side" or "hook") Velcro on the back of the body of the light, with a matching female ("soft side" or "loop") Velcro piece that has 3M adhesive on its back, so the light can be affixed to almost anything or anyone.